Veritas Investigation Pros

About Veritas Investigation Pros

Private Detective / Special Bailiff at PI agency, licensed in Kentucky, Indiana, Ohio, Tennessee, and Illinois.


Veritas Investigation Pros professional experience began with over a decade in secondary journalism publications advising. Since changing tracks from academia to corporate life, we have assembled a broad and diverse background in business development, marketing, graphic design, communications, sales, and management. After recently completing a Master's in Criminal Justice Administration from UofL, we have worked for the Ky. DOC as a sworn LEO / P&P Officer and Internal Affairs Lieutenant in an all-male prison. We also taught at the secondary level, junior/community/technical college, college, and university levels in criminal justice, journalism/publications, graphic design, English literature, and composition.

Tech Used

State-of-the-art Sony HD video & still photos, night vision and infrared video, covert and dash cams, GPS tracking, online location databases not available to general public.

Why Choose Veritas Investigation Pros?

  1. Simply put: we work harder than the other guys. And…
  2. We are meticulously obsessed with the little details that will make or break your case.
  3. We don’t quit in the pursuit of your truth – to the point where a circuit court victim advocate has nicknamed us “honeybadgers.” It’s a moniker we wear as a badge of honor.
  4. We deliver the results you need.
  5. Our pricing is “under-market” and we simply refuse to churn hours or services in order to pad invoices.
  6. Just ask our current clients. They’ll tell it to you straight.

We tenaciously pursue our targets, whether they be respondents in legal proceedings, a potentially unfaithful spouse, a bad renter, someone defrauding an insurance company, elder/domestic abusers, collections debtors, or even your daughter's new boyfriend.

Using a wide array of technology, both via Internet and "boots on the ground," we find your subject -- and find out all you need to know -- the whole truth and nothing but the truth.